problems with getting erect

  Many people have problems with getting erect are suffering from erectile dysfunction in which men cannot sustain to have longer and harder erections. This could be due to mental problems or psychological problems and could have physiologic causes as well like prostate enlargement and many more. Some problems are due to bad vices such as smoking which can also be a caused of severe erectile dysfunction.
When it comes to sex many men wanted to feel that they are great and masters in bed and wanted to have harder erections for them to successfully satisfy their partner. When it comes to problems in erection, it is still best to consult to your physician before you try any drugs in the market. You might have underlying problems that could relate to not having any kind of erections. But once you are cleared with your physician that you are in great shape then there are many products that could help you achieve a great sex of your life.
To have harder erections, your body and your hormones as well need to be in proper shape. You need to have great overall health with testosterone levels in normal range as well. Having a healthy lifestyle and proper supplements will also give a sort of assurance on how you can maintain a good sex life. Anxiety and stress also plays a great role in regards to your sex life and harder erections.
Believe it or not, most women loves men who can last longer until they experience what they want. It's somehow been a part of our lives.
Many experts believed that masturbating frequently will decrease harder erections because the hormones needed to achieve erections are weaken and in low levels. Once you get to stop masturbating, you will definitely see the difference.
Proper nutrition and healthy living is the key to have longer and harder erections. Physical activity and eating the right kind of food is another great way to have harder erections. Eating foods that are rich in minerals and nutrients will help produce sperm cells and thus increase your sex desire in return. Eat rich in protein, carbohydrates and fat as well.
One particular thing is that smoking and nicotine which is present in any tobacco and cigarettes will decrease your sexual libido and in return will decrease your harder erections. Tobacco and cigarette smoking contains hundreds and thousands of toxins in every stick. The longer you smoke, the more toxins being stored on your body and you will feel lethargic and weak thus having a weaker sex life and weak erections. Cut off your nicotine and smoking habit easily by other alternatives such as nicotine patch and gum paste. Never stop smoking suddenly especially if you are addicted to nicotine for quite some time because of withdrawal symptoms might cause more damage than good.

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